In this digitalized era we live, we see plenty of companies investing money for better customer experience, not only until they get an order but also during its implementation and its final delivery. They invest to keep their customers as a part of the order process and give the visibility of the status in every step.

Millions of parcels have been delivered with DHL and the customers knew exactly when and what to expect and million of Amazon orders have been executed while everyone knew when they would see the order at their doorstep. As companies invest to give this visibility to the end customer, we do not experience the same in B2B orders.

We are noticing orders among manufacturers, retailers and final customers operate inside chaos from where everyone trying to find and share information with each stakeholder. Many people trying to cooperate in order to know when to act and what exactly needs to accomplish but everyone acts inside silos.

To get out of this chaos and bring the orders in a safe and stable ground, we need to operate with clear procedures while giving the visibility and transparency to all the parties involved.

We have to find a way where everyone can collaborate, get out of their silo and be able to share and get the information they want. We need to give the agility to each company to act in unexpected problems and difficult situations. We need to know the responsibility of each party involved in the order and inform them with real-time data. Finally, we have to give everyone the business information to realize their performance and what they have to improve in the most cost-effective way.

That’s what we accomplished with Orderstate, a way to move from chaos to the right order.