In the field of medium and small businesses, winning and maintaining a customer over time is just as difficult and necessary.

When competing with large companies in the market, with more resources, greater people power and easier access to customers through their brand name, all you can and must maintain is the “taste” of your company that remains to every single customer after every cooperation with you.

This “taste” is difficult to be created and unfortunately just a wrong move away of disappearing.

The key elements of this good “taste” are:

  • The ease of cooperation between two companies
  • The level of customer experience with immediate and correct information at every stage of cooperation
  • The added value that the service gives to the customer’s product and of course
  • The tools which can give proactive problem solving when — but most important before — things go wrong

It may seem weird, but the price is not among the options as it is certain that a customer who sees value through services and collaboration is willing to pay more and retain this benefit.

Coming to the title of this article, having masterfully created this “taste” for your customer, all you have to do is keep it.

In the field of logistics, we know that there cannot always be “on time” delivery. The processes are difficult, there are many companies collaborating and the risk of a mistake or problem is rapidly increasing.

But what may be more important in many cases is the “on-time” and accurate information, so that everyone can act and manage this delay in the best possible way.

Orderstate enables forwarders to deliver quality through proper collaboration, visibility and real-time problem solving with better decision making.

All the ingredients to ensure that every customer retains a wonderful “taste” for the company and its partners in the long run.