There has been a lot of progress during the last decades on process improvements, operational efficiency gains, reduction of productivity losses and so on. They are usually a combination of traditional consulting, statistical analysis and data-driven decision making, real-time reporting etc.

What has been left a bit behind though, is the intra-company collaboration. Numerous services have managed to bring amazing collaboration within the company, but when it comes to communicating and collaborating with external companies, well, things get tough.

While undoubtedly there are certain challenges to that, a successful connection of 3rd party companies will bring substantial benefits:

  • Real-time visibility: now all updates will propagate simultaneously to all parties, eliminating the delay of the offline update via email or other such formats
  • Increased productivity: decisions are now being made on the spot and business processes are moving forward faster
  • Innovation: through collaboration and conversation, ideas are getting developed
  • Data distribution: a well-designed tool allows each individual to see the relevant information for them, decluttering the knowledge base to what is important for each person and role
  • Risk reduction: practically collaboration eliminates the single point of failure, which makes for a significant risk reduction
  • Learning: peer learning by taking the best practices of each of the parties involved
Our approach is simple — bring every party involved in a shipment in one place and help them collaborate on the spot while keeping the platform simple so that you can make sure that no really sensitive information is out there.

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